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Getting your brand’s website tailor-made with GXC Media is a uniquely personal experience.

Armed with knowledge in User-Experience Design and IT know-how, media specialist Gabriel X. Charles is a one-man army ready to bring any business to war on the interwebs.

From domains to hosting, blogs to landing pages, we have it all covered.

Get a transparent, responsive, efficient and most importantly, human experience when you bring your brand’s digital business card to life with GXC Media.


This is where we establish expectations through an online onboarding process.

The onboarding process has been specially customised to be as seamless as possible and can be done completely online, with video tutorials to guide you through every step.

This is where I find out exactly what you want as a client, and what I’ll need from you to accomplish that.

I want to get a super clear picture of what you want and need. Only then can I deliver a product that both parties are happy with. 

After establishing your needs and wants, we can begin with designing the first part of the website.

Big projects will always start with wireframing. This is the process where the design will be delivered in grey, without using colours, images and styling options. This is to have a solid idea of the website structure.

Only after agreeing on the base structure, will we continue with the visual design, where details will be added to make it come to life. 

Once the design process is done and you are happy with the final design, we will proceed to install all the plugins needed for the project and start developing the design on WordPress.

The pages will be created one by one, and email updates with a preview link will be sent every step of the way.

This makes it easy to get feedback and to make sure that you get exactly what you want.

After all the pages are developed inside of WordPress, you will get a final preview link.

We will go over the final result and edit any fine details ensure ultimate perfection.

After a final check, the website will go live and be given the necessary basic optimisation for Google. 


Yes! Unlike most people who sell websites, we will not hold the access to your website, and you will not be at anyone’s mercy.

Since your website will be running on the latest software, it will be very easy to edit the text, images and other page content. You can almost change everything if you want to. 

If you want, there is an optional monthly fee for me to personally manage your website. This will be useful if you often need to update your website, or need assistance with updating plugins, etc.

Most of the projects I work on start from USD$1500 and go up to USD$8000.

This of course depends on your needs and wants, the design and the functionality.

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It’s all yours.

If you choose to pay for your own hosting as recommended, GXC Media will not own any part of the website.

If you want, you can have full admin rights, and even delete GXC Media’s access if you want. You pay for the website, so it’s your property.

The only thing that I would ask, is to be able to put the website in my portfolio if I want to.

Approximately 1 month.

It often takes longer due to the different rounds of revision and approvals from different stakeholders that we have to go through to get a perfect website. 

Rest assured however, that we will utilise a sleek system to ensure efficient and accurate communication.

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naomi seibt.

Naomi Seibt is a climate realist from Germany. Known as the “Anti-Greta”, she has over 100K subscribers on YouTube, and has been featured on various major news outlets, including Fox News, The Washington Post, The Telegraph, Sky News, and more. 

Blue Sky Team.

Blue Sky Team is a mother-daughter real estate team led by 19-year-old entrepreneur Alysia Clements.

Pamela Lim, certified Health Coach, teaches practical applications for the modern day woman, including lifestyle, education, health and nutrition in pregnancy+breastfeeding.

true blue cuisine.

True Blue Cuisine is a Peranakan restaurant that serves authentic Peranakan cuisine along with a uniquely Peranakan experience that brings the culture alive.

music academics.

Music Academics is a response to traditional ‘F to A*’ tuition centres, with a musical twist.


The Association for Breastfeeding Advocacy (Singapore) is an alliance which believes that breastfeeding of children is an important fundamental building block for the health of the nation.