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We help companies exploit the full marketing potential of Social Media in a digital age. We go beyond social ROI, bringing businesses actual results. 

Social Media Marketing goes way beyond setting up an ad campaign and pumping money into Facebook Ads. That’s why we always start with a 3 month programme, because we believe in working hand in hand with businesses in order to bring maximum value in the long run.

You know very well that Social Media is the next big step your business has to take. So don’t leave yourself behind. Book a Discovery Call with us now to find out how we can help you get to where you want to be. 

Working with us

Most agencies will spend 30 days on-boarding you, then charge you a fee!

On-Boarding takes 90-minutes with us & there’s no fee so we can get our ads up and running as soon as possible. Monthly meetings and reports start and end each month as we scale your ad-campaigns to bring you more and more revenue each day. 

Other Services:

3 Month Paid Traffic Profit Programme

This is our flagship service. Over these 3 months we will come in and totally transform your advertising efforts, bringing your business to the next level, and eventually you will have your marketing on autopilot. 

Here at GXC Media, we do not believe in working with businesses that we cannot bring a higher ROI to. Therefore, if we decide to work with you, it’s only because we genuinely believe it’s going to be a home run. This programme is a fixed 3 month agreement and from then on it’s rolling month by month.

Here’s the reason why so many local SMEs fail or struggle to break even. 

Let’s take Tom as an example. 

Tom is a well-connected young entrepreneur who decided to turn his passion into profit by starting his own gym. He opens his gym in a prime location, and business starts off with a bang! People are coming through the door and signing up for memberships, and he has high hopes for the future of his gym. He can already see himself becoming a successful business owner and living the life he’s always dreamed of. 

Half a year after the gym’s opening, Tom realises that his business is barely covering costs. Moreover, he has spent the last 6 months working his butt off trying to keep his business afloat amidst the rising costs of maintaining the gym. 

While he is getting by, Tom has no time to work ON his business because he is spending too much time working in his business. He is unable to afford the time to relax or spend time with his friends and family. Tom is stuck.

Why this happens to so many business owners is simply due to one thing.

They think they can handle everything on their own. 

While just one great mind was what created many of the world’s most successful businesses, from Apple to Microsoft, none of them got to where they are by doing everything by themselves.

Many business owners stubbornly refuse to outsource their social media marketing. They wonder, how hard could it be?

People will try to sell you training courses, telling you how you could easily be a master of using social media, and grow your business to $XXXX a year.

What they will never tell you is how many hours you will have to spend monitoring your ad campaigns, troubleshooting, and months trying to figure out the endless systems and processes, not to mention the time taken to actually learn how to do all this in the first place. Precious time that could be spent getting out there and closing deals, selling houses, networking, making actual money.

You’ve done everything you can to grow your business, and you’re looking for more ways to make more money. You want to get your business from point A to point B, and obviously social media is the way to do this, and we are the ones who know how to use it to take you there.

Say you want to get to Mars. You have the spaceship, you know where Mars is, but you’re not going to pay millions for a space training programme that will take you years to complete. You don’t want to take the risk of flying the spaceship and risk crashing, having never flown a spaceship before. You’re going to take that money and get someone who knows what they’re doing to fly you there.

That’s exactly what GXC Media will do for you. We will get you to Mars, and save you the time and resources you would’ve wasted on a NASA space training programme. Because you are not an astronaut. You are a business owner.

Business owners should not be wasting valuable time that should be spent improving their products, streamlining processes and increasing profits. GXC Media will make sure that you never have to worry about this aspect of your business again. If you want to take this next step forward with your business, book a discovery call with us and we’ll see how we can take your business to the next level.

Work on your business, not in it.