how to buy siteground hosting?

a step by step guide.

why siteground?

Siteground is a consistently top-rated hosting provider.

It is fast, reliable, and my top recommendation for all clients.

Essentially the Apple of website hosting.

step 1.

click the link below.

Keep this window open so that you can refer back to the next steps.

step 2.

select "wordpress hosting".

step 3.

choose your hosting plan.

If you plan to have multiple websites or would are expecting to require subdomains (eg., notice the ‘.’ in the domain), you would want to go with the “GrowBig” plan.

If you simply need one website (eg.,
the “StartUp” plan will do just fine.

step 4.

enter your domain.

It is recommended to purchase your domain from an external domain provider (eg. Godaddy) as it is cheaper. If cost is not an issue for you, it is of course ideal to purchase your domain from your hosting provider.

If you have purchased your domain from an external provider, select “I Already have a Domain” and enter your domain name.

step 5.

enter your account details.

Do take down your account information as you will need to provide it to us in the last step. You can always change it if you no longer want us to have access.

step 6.

choose your options.

Select your billing period. If you plan to have your website fo ra long time, it is recommended to select a longer billing period such as 24 months as it will be cheaper. Selecting SG Site Scanner is also recommended as it provides an extra layer of security, and does not cost much to add on. 

click "pay now" and you're done!

once you're done, enter your account details below.

you can even change your password after we're done.