how to buy hosting?

breaking down the options.

what is hosting?

Site hosting is one of the costs involved in owning a website. This is a yearly fee you pay a hosting provider to store your website files on the internet. 

below are 3 options you can choose from.

option 1.

Siteground is a consistently top-rated hosting provider.

It is fast, reliable, and highly recommended.

option 2.

(affordable and good)

Hostinger is a joy that I’m glad to have discovered. 

It is perfect for bloggers, podcasters, and personal brands.

option 3.

While it is always recommended to purchase your own hosting just in case for any reason our partnership has to come to an end (which I hope it doesn’t ever come to that!), there will be less complications with migrating your website to a different hosting provider if that ever needs to happen. We would also have access to your company emails which might not be ideal.

If you need help purchasing hosting, we can purchase it on your behalf for a service fee of $50. However, if you would still rather just host with us, do contact us for more information on pricing!

once you're done, enter your account details below.

you can even change your password after we're done.