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I started my creative journey at the age of 12 making music videos of myself playing a traditional Chinese instrument called the Erhu. I basically wanted to be the next big YouTube sensation.

And so for the next half a decade, every other day was an intense process of arranging music, storyboarding, filming, and editing music videos. These several years were crucial in setting the foundation of my technical skills and allowing my creative juices to mature.

While my pop-star dreams are long behind me, my passion for making video content stuck with me, and my love for networking allowed me to take on many exciting projects. From celebrities to Presidents, you bet that teenage me had a ton of bragging rights.

My years as a one-man-show freelance video producer conditioned me to always have a complete perspective of things, granting me the intellectual freedom to craft the perfect message for the desired audience. I discovered a love for picking ideas apart and dissecting them from the inside out, smoking out any logical incoherencies, and making sure that every moving part is integrated harmoniously and efficiently.

This ultimately led me to picking up web design. I even went through *that* UX Design phase as well… but hey, can you blame me? I just really loved the idea of creating slick, work-of-art, experiences right from the comfort of my chair. It’s good to take a break from hauling video equipment around once in awhile.

This passion for creating led me to pursue further studies in Media & Communication. Probably a waste of time if I’m being honest, however I did learn many important theoretical concepts in the areas of business, psychology, media law, and professional communication.


I’ve gone through many phases. Musician, Videographer, Photographer, Writer, Web Designer.

But today, I just call myself a digital creator who loves what he does, because he only does what he loves.


These are the softwares I use.

work experience.



BMW Group (August 2019 – March 2020)

Communications Intern

  • Direct report to CIO Carsten Sapia
  • Updating of intranet webpages
  • Sending out regional email communications
  • Supporting Communications Manager Melanie Dannemann with all APAC communications
  • Planning of local and regional events and conferences
  • Producing weekly webcasts for the Global IT department
  • Supporting local departments with video production and design
  • Liaising with external vendors to create new communication formats


“Gabriel has, among his duties, created video clips for our management and from several events.

He was also tasked to set up a new communication platform for BMW APAC, as well as supporting the communication department with organising different internal events, like APAC Digital Summit, IT Fair in Munich, Team Events, etc.

These tasks required a high degree of organisational skills, creativity, interaction with a wide range of departmental employees on all hierarchy levels.

We have been very pleased with Gabriel’s work in this internship.

It has been a pleasure to work with Gabriel in the team!”

Melanie Dannemann

Communications and Change Management, BMW Group APAC IT





Eight Tones Music (January 2018 – January 2019)

Marketing and Communications

  • Management of social media accounts (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube)
  • Scheduling of promotions and content
  • Produced a video tutorial series for company YouTube channel
  • Preparation of scripts for artistes for radio interviews, etc.
  • Monitoring and control of brand image on local forums and social media
  • Editing of all English language content to be released to public
  • Promotion of lessons on online trading site Carousell
  • Created a music lesson/instrument package to drive signups, leading to the school operating at full capacity on weekends within the first 3 months
  • Artist Manager for in-house music ensemble
  • Recording of photos and videos for all gigs/events for company archives
  • Photography of new products and lessons


“Gabriel’s involvement with Eight Tones Music began when we consulted him to proofread our English language materials. It was evident that he was capable of much more and he eventually took charge of all marketing and communications activities for our music school that opened in 2018.

Through his marketing efforts, we secured over 70 students within the first 3 months of opening our music school.

This was made possible with his knowledge in the area of social media marketing and paid advertising as well as the branding he has helped to build for Eight Tones Music.

He also managed our music ensemble at the SingLang Concert 2018, and also handled the photography, videography and social media coverage for the event.

After which, he arranged a guest appearance for our artists to perform on local radio station LOVE 92.7 FM and prepared the scripts for the interview.

Other areas of his contribution include the creation of our company website, product photography, graphic design, copywriting, and videography.

Gabriel’s eye for detail and wide range of skills has been a great asset to the Eight Tones Music Team and his initiatives have been instrumental to the success of Eight Tones Music.

He is an extraordinary talent and will definitely be an asset to any business.”

Daryl Keuk

Founder of Eight Tones Music LLP



Clients I’ve had the opportunity to work with.